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  • Worlds smallest scalar irradiance sensors

  • Worlds smallest scalar irradiance sensors

  • Worlds smallest scalar irradiance sensors

 Scalar irradiance sensors 

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Scalar Irradiance Sensors

The scalar irradiance (SIR) sensor is an isotropic light probe that collects light in a large solid angle with an identical efficiency. Due to a special technic developed by Zenzor, it is possible to produce microsensors with an isotropy standard deviation from 20º to 340º in air and water less than 10 % for sensors with a sphere diameter 300-600 µm and less than 10 % for sensors with a sphere diameter 30-150 µm.

The SIR-microsensor is based on an optical glass fiber equipped with a standard optical connector (SMA or ST after your choice) at its proximal end and a light scattering sphere at the distal end. The probe must be coupled to an optical detector to measure the collected light. The fiber is put through a syringe and needle for easier handling and the probe is retractable. The spheres can for protection be pulled into the needle when not in use.

For the microsensors (SIR500) with a sphere diameter of 300-600 µm the sphere is placed on a straight cut fiber end.

For the microsensors (SIR100) with a sphere diameter of 30-150 µm the sphere is placed on a tapered fiber end. The tapering is done either by a pulling technic or by etching. The etching technic provides a better attachment of the sphere to the fiber.

All sensors are tested individually for their isotropic performance and the results are delivered with each sensor.

This type of sensor was developed for environmental research and has been applied e.g. in photosynthetic studies of sediment and microbial mats, but they can be used where ever it is suitable to measure light quantitatively or qualitatively with small probes.

Contact Zenzor for guidance on which type and sphere size is better for your requirement and get a quotation.

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Michael Kühl, Lars F. Rickelt, and Roland Thar.

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Zenzor was founded in 2010 by Lars F. Rickelt (photo). He received his M.Sc. in chemical engineering (1983) from the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, where he did research in natural products chemistry at the Institute of Organic Chemistry (1988-1993). After employment in the industry he became a member of a diabetes research group at the Institute of Medical Physiology, University of Copenhagen (1996-1999). Since 2000 he is a member of the Microenviromental Ecology research group at the Marine Biological Section, Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen (Denmark), where he is developing fiber-optic microsensors and advanced imaging techniques for environmental analysis. He received his Ph.D. in 2015 with a thesis titled “Development and application of fiber-optic sensors for environmental and life sciences”.
Our main products are scalar irradiance microsensors, but Zenzor is also able to manufacture different items for optical sensing including field irradiance sensors, LED support, oxygen microsensors, planar optodes etc.

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